Day of the Dead: Eat for your ancestors

Halloween is behind us – another year, another horrible costume disappointment. We all expect our inner craft guru to emerge at this time of the year as we envision our friends’ awed expressions, stunned at our ability to look simultaneously terrifying and sexy. How sad it is when our wondrous creativity is so unfairly curtailed by our complete and utter inability to think of a single dead celebrity, to sew, draw or cut fabric in a straight line.

So forget Halloween and all its craft-related disappointments and bring on the Day of the Dead A.K.A. Halloween for food-lovers. Originating in Mexico but now celebrated in many parts of the world, this is one undeniable excuse to eat, drink and be merry. Best of all, it goes for three nights so even if you have an epic wardrobe fail on the first night (likely to happen, seeing as this night coincides with our old friend, Halloween), you still have the weekend to redeem yourself.

Here are our foodie’s top Australian tips for Day of the Dead fare over the spookiest of weekends:


El Loco, Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, NSW

It’s all about tacos at this colourful Surry Hills cantina, and casual is the name of the game. Try the spit roasted pork taco with pineapple salsa or take your life in your hands with the secret taco, which changes every day. Cocktails are an essential here, and come in laid back recyclable cups.

Mamasita, Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC

Give me some tomato chipotle braised goat tostaditos and a Pacifico Michelada over a bag of sticky Halloween lollies any day of the year. This is where Melbourne’s Mexican obsession gets seriously classy. Try the sweet corn ice cream for a dessert experience that will both surprise and slightly scare you.

Día de Muertos is all about celebrating our lost loved ones, so why not set an extra place at the table and treat those who are still with us to some festive Mexican delights.


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